Your Brain on Romance

Your Brain on Romance

The brain is a complex organ! It’s tough to understand your brain’s reaction to certain things, but not to love! Here is your brain on romance:

Happy and giddy — This is the result of dopamine, the chemical that floods your body in response to positive stimuli. However, this chemical increases your cravings or desire for something, and it plays a role in overeating, alcoholism, and drug abuse. Your brain is flooding your body with “good feelings”, and you’ll try to replicate that feeling even if it means doing something less than healthy.

Infatuated — Being infatuated with someone leads to a drop in serotonin, the same chemical imbalance that can lead to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. You have a need to see and be with that person, and you can’t get them out of your head. What should be clinical is just a “normal” part of being in love!

Sweaty, nervous, excited — This is thanks to the adrenaline that courses through your system when you see something to whom you are attracted. Adrenaline sets your heart racing, makes your palms sweaty, and basically puts your body on “Red Alert” status. You get excited, oxygen-rich blood races through your body, and you’re ready for anything! It raises your stress and tension levels, and releases the two chemicals listed above.

Manly — Well, not really, but attraction does release testosterone in men. This makes men more attracted to women who have classically “feminine” faces and features, and makes them more attractive to women. Testosterone is a critical chemical in romance and attraction!

Womanly — For the ladies, romance, love, and physical attraction is affected by their ovulation cycle and the estrogen their bodies naturally produce. The scent of estrogen is imperceptible to the nose, but the male brain responds by being attracted.

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