The World’s Most Romantic Getaways, Part 1

The World’s Most Romantic Getaways, Part 1

Looking for a place to take your sweetheart on a romantic getaway? Don’t let your relationship grow stale, but spice things up by taking a trip to:

Bruges — Few places are quite as romantic as Bruges, with its gorgeous canals, antique homes, and cobbled streets. It’s a beautiful place to take an open-air carriage ride, or just walk for hours holding hands and exploring the city!

Bali — Some like it hot, and Bali is the beach resort destination for you! Perfect crystal blue water meets sparkling white sand, and the culture of Indonesia is absolutely fascinating. Definitely a wonderful romantic getaway.

Buenos Aires — The capital of Argentina is known for its myriad tango clubs, and what could be more romantic than learning the traditional Argentinian dance? Plus, you just know the food in Buenos Aires is going to be AWESOME!

Cinque Terre — Also known as the Italian Riviera, this gorgeous little town looks like something from a romance novel. You can lounge around the beach, explore mountain trails, or explore the many vineyards and villas overlooking the Mediterranean.

The Cyclades — This group of islands off the coast of Greece is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. With crystal sea water, the island where the movie Mamma Mia was filmed, and other exotic locations, it’s a romantic destination like no other!

Fez — This Morocco city feels like something straight out of The Arabian Nights. Covered markets, medieval buildings, and amazing histories sites will blow your mind, and you’ll love the rustic feel of the city. You can have endless hours of fun exploring the many beautiful buildings and tourist locations, all while enjoying the subtly romantic atmosphere of this beautiful, ancient city built by the kings of old.

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