How to Woo Your Husband or Wife Part 3

How to Woo Your Husband or Wife Part 3

Keep that spark of your love alive by using the following awesome ways to woo that special someone in your life:

  • Set aside the second week of August for a special romantic night under the stars. Around August 12th, Earth passes through the Perseid meteor belt, so you’ll often have some pretty amazing meteor showers at night.
  • Go on an old-fashioned date. You can hold hands, but no kissing or other “couple” things. Make it a point to enjoy each other’s company the way you did when you first started dating.
  • Call in to a radio station and have a special song played for your spouse. Be certain that he/she is tuning into the station when the song is played.
  • Write a classy love letter to her. Your goal isn’t to make it explicit (no sexy talk!), but you should simply tell her how you feel in a letter. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to say: you can find hundreds of examples online!
  • Decorate your bedroom with rose petals. Nothing says romance like rose petals scattered around your bedroom and covering your bed!
  • Bring her/him a small gift “just because”. It’s those unexpected gifts that usually mean the most to your spouse.
  • Take a special photo of the two of you, and have it printed on the inside of a gold locket. Give her the chain, and have her wear it always to remind her of your love for her.
  • Go for a walk through the place where you got married. Visit the venue where you said your vows and held your wedding reception, and relive the memories of that special day when you tied your lives together.

Nothing is more important than keeping that romance alive! It may take effort, but it’s worth it!

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