How to Woo Your Husband or Wife Part 2

How to Woo Your Husband or Wife Part 2

It’s important to keep that romance alive if you want your marriage/relationship to succeed! Here are some awesome ways you can woo your husband or wife once more:

  • Fill a gallon jug or large glass vase with your spouse’s favorite candies or chocolates, and leave it on their nightstand for them to enjoy every night.
  • Take that special someone out for a drink, but bring them to a karaoke bar. Surprise them by getting up and singing them a love song, or just a song that has special meaning to the two of you.
  • Kidnap her (or him, if you can get him to agree to it), blindfold her, and put her in the car with you. Only remove the blindfold when you reach your destination–her favorite restaurant, BnB, etc.
  • Buy some dry ice to have at your special home-cooked romantic dinner. Drop the dry ice into a bowl of water to produce billowing clouds of white smoke that will add a romantic flair to the event.
  • Decorate the house with candles, and turn off all the lights. (Just be safe about it!)
  • Surprise him/her with a vacation–even if it’s just a short city break.
  • Have “His” and “Hers” items made especially for the two of you, with all of the things that you know he/she needs to feel comfortable at home.
  • Have a romantic movie marathon–complete with all the rom-coms she loves and the romantic movies that he actually enjoys.
  • Bring your partner home flowers, but not from a store. Find a place to pick fresh flowers, and place them in a vase so that they’ll survive the long trip home.

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