How to Woo Your Husband or Wife Part 1

How to Woo Your Husband or Wife Part 1

Time to fan the spark of your romance and stoke that flame of love back to life!

Here are a few awesome things you can do to woo your spouse once again:

  • Run him/her a bubble bath, and throw a towel in the dryer for 2 minutes. When they are all relaxed from their bath, they can wrap up in a warm, cozy towel.
  • Give her a massage, but don’t rush into the fun stuff that happens after the massage. Take your time and really help her relax.
  • Sit with him on the couch and watch sports with him. Don’t ask questions about the game, but brush up a bit on your sports knowledge beforehand to impress him.
  • Bring him a cold beer/her a glass of wine without being asked. Surprise them at the front door with the drink in hand!
  • Make your wife/husband a trophy proclaiming them the “World’s Best Lover/Husband/Wife/Father/Mother/etc.” and make sure it’s highly visible in your bedroom.
  • Give her a dozen roses–with one white rose among the bunch. Use it to illustrate how she is unique from everyone else in the world.
  • Place a Victoria’s secret catalog in an envelope, along with either a $100 bill or a gift card. Write him a short note saying, “You choose”.
  • Switch off the romance. Have him be the romantic one on the odd-numbered days of the month, and her be the romantic on even-numbered days.
  • Make your lover a romantic puzzle. Write them a beautiful note, lay it out nicely on a piece of fancy paper, and have that paper turned into a puzzle at your local office supplies store. You can give it to them as a gift all at once, or send them a few pieces per day.

Love the romance tips? Read more in Part 2…


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