A Woman’s Guide to Surviving Speed Dating

A Woman’s Guide to Surviving Speed Dating

Speed dating can be a challenge, and it’s definitely one of the least popular forms of dating.

If you want to survive it, here’s what you need to know:

Know what’s an immediate “no” — What makes a candidate NOT suitable for dating? Will you immediately reject anyone who smokes or drinks too much? How about anyone who is overly obsessed with sports or video games? Think about what you don’t want in a man, and bring that with you to the date. When you find someone who’s an immediate “no”, move on to the next candidate.

Don’t dismiss the shy ones — Many men find it difficult to chat up women, and they may have a hard time meeting so many at once. Give the guy a chance to come out of his shell, and don’t dismiss them off the bat.

Do dismiss the try-hards — You can easily tell when a guy is trying hard to show off or impress, and these are the ones that have loads of self-confidence issues. They’re not worth your time.

Wear red — Studies have found that men are more attracted to women who wear red. Wear a nice red outfit, and add a hint of red to your lips.

Take it easy on the “Show and Tell” — When you dress up for the date, don’t wear an outfit that shows too much. A bit of cleavage is fine, but don’t wear anything too low-cut. Keep the skirt/dress simple, without a slit that shows off a lot of leg. You’re not trying to put your wares on display, just meet a nice guy.

Steer the conversation — He came to sit at your table, so you have the power in this conversation. Feel free to ask him questions, and steer the conversation to topics you’re comfortable with.

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