Why You Make Dumb Choices When in Love

Why You Make Dumb Choices When in Love

We all to admit it, but it’s true: love makes us do silly things! But have you ever wondered why you make dumb choices when in love? Here’s what you need to know:

Men do dumb things to impress women -­- When men think women are watching, that’s when their inner idiot comes out! Whether it’s a societal need to impress women or just their biological makeup, there’s no way to be sure, but suffice it to say that men’s mental capacity diminishes when there is a woman watching.

We tend to take on our partner’s habits/preferences — We all adapt to our partner’s needs, wants, and desires, but we also have a tendency to take on their habits. Whether this is working out, playing video games, or spending too much time in front of the TV, it’s normal to do what your partner likes. You may even start adapting to their preferences, giving up your desires in order to accommodate theirs.

We find more “in common” than really exists — We’ve all heard silly rom-coms say the line “We have so much in common”. When in love, we tend to find more similarities with our partner than actually exist. People who are attracted to others tend to find more in common with that person, and they tend to rate that person as more attractive.

We lower our standards — And we do that to avoid loneliness! The stronger your fear of being alone, the lower your standards will go, and the more you will be willing to compromise in order to find a partner. Not only that, but you may even stay with someone despite their bad habits, all out of fear of being alone!

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