Why Spending Time With You Rocks His World Part 2

Why Spending Time With You Rocks His World Part 2

Not sure why he loves spending time with you? Here are a few simple explanations:

  • Small outings turn into impromptu dates —  Even if he’s running out to the DMV, when you’re along with him, you can stop for lunch and have an impromptu date. Being with you makes everything more fun.
  • You’re comfortable with each other –– You can sit in silence and be cool with him, or you can spend the entire time talking. There’s no pressure to put on a show or “perform” in front of your partner, but it’s just the two of you being together.
  • You are building memories together — Happy memories can be addictive! He loves doing things with you because you make everything happier, and those memories will stick with him for years to come.
  • You can make his day better –– He can be having the crappiest day in human history, but one word, one smile, or one small action from you can make everything better. That’s the amazing power you possess, and it’s one of the reasons he loves spending time with you.
  • You pull him out of his world –– If it was up to him, he’d spend most of his day on the couch, at the gym, watching TV, playing video games, or doing something else solitary. Instead, you force him to get up and get out, and you make him a part of the world around him. He may grouse about it, but he’s thankful.
  • You introduce him to new things –– You know that food he loves or hobby he now enjoys because of you? That’s one of the reasons he always looks forward to spending time with you–you make him do new and interesting things.
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