Why It May Be Hard For Her to Love You Back Part 2

Why It May Be Hard For Her to Love You Back Part 2


Not everyone is adept at love. Some people struggle with it, so if your girlfriend or wife is struggling to love you back, here are a few reasons why:

  • She is insecure — Perhaps her insecurities stem from her low self-esteem or the things that she has endured in her life. On the other hand, it may be your fault that she feels insecure. If you don’t reassure her–verbally and through your actions–that she is worthy of your love, she may have a hard time believing that you truly love her. If she doesn’t feel that you love her, she won’t be willing to “waste” her love on you.
  • She has been through heartbreak in her recent past –– Everyone deals with heartbreak at some point in their lives. But how recent was her last heartbreak? She may not be ready to talk about it or even want to believe it, but fresh wounds take time to heal. If you find that she isn’t ready to love you back because she is still getting over a recent heartbreak, give her time. Be there for her, let her know that she can count on you, and don’t pressure her to move faster. She will be very appreciative, and it will lead to a deeper love in the long run.
  • She’s afraid –– Love is a terrifying thing! You open yourself up to another person, leaving you completely vulnerable to anything they do and say. They are the only person that can truly hurt you, and the hurt can be pretty bad. If she’s struggling to love you back, it may be thanks to fear of being hurt. Help her see that she has nothing to fear, that you will treat her heart with care.
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