Why Do Men Cheat? Find out the Truth Here…

Why Do Men Cheat? Find out the Truth Here…

Why do men cheat? Not an easy question to ask, and not an easy one to answer!

One marriage counselor asked men why these cheated, and their answers might surprise you:

Emotional dissatisfaction —Nearly half of the men surveyed said that they cheated because they didn’t feel appreciated by their wives, or that their wives didn’t understand how hard they were working to “get it right”. When they found someone that did appreciate or understand them, the attraction was unavoidable.

Peer pressure — More than ¾ of the men who cheated said they had a close friend who cheated as well. The more time spent around people who cheated, the more “normal” and less scandalous it seemed. Those who spent more time around happily married couples were less likely to cheat.

Suppressed emotions — Guys who cheat don’t always do so because they’re A-holes! In fact, 2/3 of them feel guilty after cheating. They just don’t know how to handle their emotions, so they suppress them for so long that they act without thinking and deal with the emotional fallout later.

Attraction — This is an important thing, but not as important as you think. Only 12% of men surveyed said that their mistress was more attractive than their wife. Clearly, physical beauty isn’t the only thing that matters!

Valued at Work — The average man’s self-esteem and confidence tend to revolve around his performance at work. If there is someone at the office who praises him, looks up to him, and values him in a way his wife doesn’t/cannot, he will naturally be attracted to that person. Up to 40% of the men surveyed cheated with someone at work, simply because that someone understood the struggles they faced.

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