What Type of Couples Last the Longest?

What Type of Couples Last the Longest?

Did you know that some couples have a longer life expectancy than others? It may sound silly, but it’s true! So what type of couples last the longest?

Dramatic Couples -­- With these couples, EVERYTHING is drama. Not only do these couples spend less time together, but all of their time spent together involves big emotional lows and highs. From the sweeping thrill of passion to the agonizing sorrow of arguing, everything in this couple’s life is going to be dramatic. This is the couple MOST likely to break up.

Socially Involved Couples — This type of couple stays in touch with each other all the time, particularly in social media. They “check in” everywhere together, send sappy romantic pictures, videos, and quotes to each other, and snap hundreds of photographs on a weekend outing. This type of couple tends to stay on a fairly flat level of progress, without much advance or desire toward getting married as time passes.

Conflict Ridden Couples — This type of couple may seem in danger of divorce, but aside from their fights, they tend to have a more stable, healthy relationship than the couples with all the drama. However, this type of couple usually experiences the greatest drops in their commitment levels over time. Often, they’ll find someone with whom love is “easier”, and they’ll move on.

Partner-Focused Couples — With these couples, everything takes second place to their significant other. That’s not to say that they don’t spend time apart, but their focus is on their boyfriend/girlfriend. This is the couple with the highest chance of success (probably not a total surprise, there). They are the ones most likely to have a stable, happy, committed relationship that may one day lead to marriage.

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