What NOT to Wear to Bed Part 2

What NOT to Wear to Bed Part 2

If you want to look sexy for your guy or girl, it’s important to know how to dress for bed! This means knowing what NOT to wear to bed:

Dirty clothing — If that T-shirt has food stains, your pajama bottoms have makeup stains, or your nightie still has a spot from when you spilled a glass of wine, it’s time to find a new item of sleepwear. You don’t have to wear your Sunday best to bed, but it’s certainly a good idea to avoid anything with stains, rips, or crusts on them.

Anything childish — 90% of the time, this is mostly applicable to the men. This means your Batman or Superman underwear, your printed comic book T-shirt, or anything else that makes her doubt your adult-ness. Of course, if she’s a geek/nerd right alongside you, it’s probably okay.

Satin/silk negligee — You want to wear this one to what happens before you go to sleep, then change out of it when you’re ready for bed. The truth is that it will look wonderful, but it will be a pain in the butt to sleep in. It will shift and slip all night long, forcing you to adjust. If you can’t find lingerie that doubles as comfortable, practical sleepwear, it’s a good idea to have two bedtime outfits: the pre- and post-romance ones!

Socks — Yes, it may keep you warm, but there are few things less romantic than slipping into bed with your socks still on. It’s worth investing in a heating pad or blanket, and simply removing your socks for the night. You can also press your cold feet up against his legs.

Avoid wearing these items to bed, and you’ll continue your “attractive streak”!

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