What NOT to Wear to Bed Part 1

What NOT to Wear to Bed Part 1

Wearing the right outfit to bed can definitely spice things up, but not everything works! Here are a few things NOT to wear to bed:

Anything given to you by your ex — It doesn’t matter how slinky or sexy it is; if he/she KNOWS it’s from your ex, it’s going to totally ruin the beauty of the garment. That’s not to say that you need to throw out your wardrobe when you break up with a boyfriend/girlfriend. However, if it’s a gift from the ex, perhaps don’t let him/her know.

Old underwear — Guys, this one is directed specifically at you. Guys tend to wear their underwear into the ground, but in this case, being frugal is NOT sexy. It’s time to go through your underwear drawer and get rid of any that have more than three holes (one for your waist, two for your legs). It’s always more appealing to see a man in underwear that are clean and in good condition.

Ratty undershirts — This is for men and women alike. Guys, don’t wear your old, ugly wife-beaters/tank tops to bed. Ladies, don’t wear that old T-shirt of his that you’ve been trying to throw away for years (unless he wants you to, of course). Pit stains, rips, tears, and makeup marks are NOT attractive!

Personal care stuff — Hair curlers, teeth whitening strips, moisturizing gloves, face cream, hair masks, or literally anything else that you use for your personal care routine have no place in bed–at least not before sex. If you wear these things, you’re basically telling him: Leave me alone. That’s the last thing your guy wants!

In Part 2, we’ve got a few more suggestions on items you shouldn’t wear to bed…

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