What is Love Part 3

What is Love Part 3

It’s tough to know what love really is. After all, we each have our own definitions of love! So what is love, really?

Love is power. It is the only force that is capable of transforming an enemy into a friend, and it’s the only thing that can bring two completely different people together. It’s like a magnet that pulls you closer and closer. You can always fight that force, but if you let it draw you together, it will form a bond that cannot be broken.

Love is sharing. It’s giving to each other even when it means that you might miss out, and not minding at all. It’s giving of your time, thoughts, desires, and dreams to the other person, and being willing to put aside your plans in order to share with them. It’s sharing a small piece of your soul with the other person, and finding out that the piece of their soul that they share with you more than makes up for the missing part. Every time you share yourself with that person, you don’t end up with less–you are given more and more in return.

Love is healthy. It’s a healthy, mature desire to live and love someone else, even if it means that you have to put up with being hurt now and again. It’s not jealousy; jealousy is a disease, an irrational state of mind when you HAVE to have all of that person’s time and attention. Love, however, wants as much of the other person’s time and attention as possible, but understands that it’s not always possible. In the end, love is willing to give up that special someone for a little while if it means that the time they do spend will be better.


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