What is Love Part 2

What is Love Part 2

Everyone in the world is looking for love, but we all have our own definition of what love really is. So what is love?

Love is a flower. It’s a beautiful thing, one you’re thrilled to show off to everyone around you. It’s also a delicate thing, one that requires constant care and attention. Give your love the priority it needs, and it will blossom into something amazing that will fill the air around you with its delight. Neglect the love, and it will wither and die. Eventually, a love that goes uncared for can spoil, rot, and turn into something ugly and useless.

Love is a single soul. But that love inhabits two completely different bodies, each with its own thoughts, feelings, and desires. Love is all about finding a way to bring those two souls together, even across all the distance that separates you. Once the souls return to each other, that’s when the magic happens and the soul becomes complete.

Love is like a shadow. No matter how hard you try, you can never touch it. It is elusive, difficult to understand, and something that always chases you. But if you stop trying to chase it or touch it, and just learn to let it be a part of your life, you can do amazing things with it.

Love is like a fire.  When it first starts out, it’s a small flame trying to find its place in the pile of wood. When it catches light, it burns brighter and hotter, lighting up the world around it. Feed it more fuel, and it will burn forever. Deprive it of wood to burn, and it will eventually burn down and go out.


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