What is Love Part 1

What is Love Part 1

What is love? That’s a pretty tough question to answer! Love is something different to everyone, and we all have our own definitions of what we believe love to be.

Love is like ghosts. We’ve all heard others talking about them, but how many of us have actually seen love–true love–for ourselves?

Love is a friendship. And not the kind of friendship that develops over mutual attraction or shared interests, but something much deeper and more satisfying. It’s the kind of friendship that understands each other, trusts that the other person has your best interest at heart, shares the things you have without being asked, and forgives even the big blunders. True love is loyal even when times get hard, because it’s all worth it for the good times. It allows for your humanity and the fact that you will make mistakes, and doesn’t fault you for making those errors!

Love is life.  It is one of the most important parts of life, and something that makes life a whole lot more worth living. Without love, it’s hard to really get the most out of life. With love, your life is richer, fuller, and more complete.

Love is like a rubber band. When it’s held by two people, it can stretch and flex to accommodate all sorts of things. If you stretch it too far, there is a very real risk that it will snap. The closer you are to each other, the less likely that your love will break. And if one person lets it go, it hurts the other person a lot more than they are willing to admit.


Now are you understanding more about what love is? Read Part 2 for a few more simple insights into what is love…


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