What Every Man Wants in a Girlfriend

What Every Man Wants in a Girlfriend

Do you want to know what every man wants in a girlfriend? We’re not talking the shallow, silly stuff, but the things every mature man honestly wants!

Fun — Life is filled with challenges and difficulties, so what a guy really wants is a woman who will make his life fun. Men tend to be more playful than women. It doesn’t matter if he’s an athlete, a nerd, or a gamer: he loves to play. If you can get on his level and play alongside him, he’ll love you for it!

Independence — And by this, I don’t mean HIS independence. I’m referring to YOURS. Guys may think they want a woman who depends on them, but this is utterly wrong. What they really want is a woman who is capable of doing her own thing, being her own person, and having her own desires. Mature men are inspired by success and drive, not intimidated by it.

Attraction — This goes beyond just the physical appearance and sexual desire. Attraction is much deeper; it’s a desire to find out more about someone, spend time with them, and get to know them. The physical and sexual are both important, but no more so than the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual. A guy wants to be attracted on all levels!

Maturity — A mature guy (ergo, the RIGHT guy) is going to be emotionally mature, so they want someone who is their match. This doesn’t cancel out the fun side of your or his nature, but it does mean that you both understand your emotions, can confront them, and share them in a mature way.

If you want to have a healthy relationship with a mature man, these are what every man wants in a girlfriend!

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