What Does That Hug Mean?

What Does That Hug Mean?

Hugs can say A LOT of different things! They can tell of closeness, friendship, intimacy, and desire. It can be hard to know what the other person’s body is saying, so what does that hug mean?

Long, tight, full contact hugs — We’ve all gotten (and given) these hugs to someone we find attractive, or who we fancy. Romantic interest may be much harder to hide than you’d think. The hugs you give will usually spell it out clearly. There’s prolonged contact, the hug lasts a second or two longer than usual, and the squeeze is a bit tighter. If there is lower body contact, it’s a pretty clear indicator of what’s on his/her mind.

Quick, efficient hugs — We’re not talking the awkward A-frame hug with minimal contact, but a proper hug–right arm over the shoulder, left arm under the other person’s arm, and full chest contact. There may be a bit of back slapping, a quick peck on the cheek, or some other additional display of affection. This type of hug is an indicator of friendliness or friendship, and it’s the sort you give to a good friend, a relative, or someone else you are happy to see. There’s usually not much more to the hug than friendship.

A “something more” hug — This is more about hand placement than the position of your arms. With a friendly hug, the hands stay on the upper back. If there is “something more” intended (or desired), the hands may drop a bit. Combine that with full chest to chest contact (heart to heart), and you may realize that the person has more in mind than just being friends.

Body language can tell you SO MUCH about a person and their desires!

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