What a Narcissist Wants from Love

What a Narcissist Wants from Love

Narcissism is an increasingly common personality disorder, one that affects a surprising number of people! Dating one isn’t easy, but understanding what a narcissist wants from love can help you to have a successful relationship.

Here is what a narcissist wants from love:

Status — A narcissist is looking for someone who will “look” successful, as that will help to build the image of themselves that they want to convey. They will look for a girlfriend or boyfriend who is a success in their own career, and who will increase their social standing among their friends and coworkers.

Appearance — With narcissists, it’s all about the way you look. Most narcissists are convinced that they are attractive, so they’re going to search for someone who is equally or more attractive (in their mind, of course). This will give them the appearance of a “power couple”, and will improve the way they are perceived by those around them.

Wealth — A narcissist will usually try to find the easiest possible way to make money. If they can simply marry into wealth, that’s the best way to go! They believe that they are “owed” money (by the universe or simply by the right of their existence), and that people are impressed by wealth. They will look for a relationship with wealthy people.

Why does this matter? Simple: if you’re dating a narcissist, you need to know what you’re getting into!

If you don’t meet one of the “check boxes” on his or her “list”, eventually they’re going to find someone who is “better”, “smarter”, or “richer” than you. Narcissists often don’t care about forming a true bond; instead, all of their relationships revolve around appearances. Understand this, and you can end the relationship before it gets bad.

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