Ways to Romance Your Man Part 3

Ways to Romance Your Man Part 3

Finding it hard to romance your man? Don’t let your lack of ideas get you down, but let the tips below help you out:

  • Score tickets — It may be a pretty costly investment on your part, but doing something as simple to getting tickets to the big game or concert he has wanted to attend will show him your love in a very clear way. You may even want to go with him and enjoy the event just because it’s something you can do together.
  • Share secrets — Not other people’s secrets; that’s gossiping! I’m talking about your own secrets, things that you haven’t told anyone. It’s a good way to show him that you trust him enough to open your heart, and it will build that trust that will keep your romance alive.
  • Bring the sexy — You may not want to turn every date night into a sex event, but it’s worth ratcheting things up a notch every once in a while. Blindfold him, give him a striptease dance, or wear that costume you know he loves. It may sound like a cheap and easy way to do things, but it’s definitely something he is guaranteed to appreciate!
  • Slow things down — One of the worst things about an “at-home” date night is the pressure to move things along toward the end of the night, the part he’s looking forward to. But if you do that, you could be missing out on the best part of the dinner: the relaxing, the conversation, and the enjoying each other’s company. Make it a point to take dinner slow, serving one course at a time and taking your time over each plate. It will go a long way toward bringing the romance!
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