Ways to Romance Your Man Part 2

Ways to Romance Your Man Part 2

Men and women approach romance differently, but both genders need romance just the same. If you want to romance your man, here’s what you can do:

  • Appeal to his strength — Men have an evolutionary need to feel stronger than women, as well as the other men around him. It stems from a desire to protect both his “property” and his “territory”. If you want to make your man feel loved, let him know how much you admire his strength–both his physical strength and his strength of character. It’s a compliment that will go A LONG way.
  • Make sex fun — Nothing turns a man off faster than the thought that his wife/girlfriend/lover is just “going through the motions”. It can get into his head after a while, and it can seriously interfere with your sex life. A great way to romance your man is to make sure that he knows how much you enjoy sex. You may not have the energy to turn EVERY encounter into a huge event, but try to do so at least every once in a while.
  • Surprise him — Guys love it when you surprise them with a good idea of something they like, especially if they’re not expecting it. Things like tickets to the movie he’s wanted to see, a gathering of his friends for poker night, or a special meal waiting at home for him. Plan these surprises, and you’ll be rewarded by the look of utter delight on his face.
  • Show interest — This doesn’t just mean in what he’s thinking and feeling, but also the things he’s interested in. Every man has hobbies and passions. While you may not be able to make them your things, at least try to understand them and relate to him as much as possible.

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