Ways to Keep Your Relationship Alive Part 2

Ways to Keep Your Relationship Alive Part 2

Struggling with your relationship? Here are some things you can do to keep your relationship alive even after years of dating/marriage:

  • Get them a gift — Don’t wait until it’s their birthday to buy them something special, but buy them a little gift “just because”. Those little unexpected treats are the extra special ones that make them feel loved, and you’ll find that it can do a lot to bring the romance back into the relationship.
  • Never leave your partner without an “I love you” — It doesn’t matter if you’re running out to the corner store, heading off to the gym, or going to work in the morning; NEVER leave home without telling that special someone just how much you love them. It can be a sentence or two, a kiss, a hug, and a reassuring squeeze. That’s all it takes to ensure that your partner feels loved.
  • Do something special for them — If your partner feels stressed or has had a long day, try to take the load off of their backs. Why not cook the dinner for them, or even take them out to a special meal for just the two of you? You’ll find that they will appreciate the gesture a lot!
  • Be spontaneous — Don’t always plan your date nights and your romantic outings, but be spontaneous as often as you can get away with it. Not all men can be spontaneous, but women love it when men want to do special things for them.
  • Get away from it all — You may feel that you need some time away, and there’s nothing better than a romantic retreat. Head off to a bed and breakfast and spend all of your time in your room.

Keep that romance alive!

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