Want to Know How to Sext?

Want to Know How to Sext?

Many people have no idea how to sext, and they fail MISERABLY when it comes time to send those sexy texts to their special someone. Don’t let that be you!

If you want to know how to send sexy sexts, here are a few important things to remember:

Keep your face out of it — If you’re going to send sexy pictures in your sexts, keep your face out. With the recent nude photo hacks, you DON’T want your pictures to end up on social media where people can see that it is you.

Hint, don’t reveal — Saying “I have something in mind for tonight, and I think you’ll love it” is much better than saying “I want to watch a movie, get naked, have sex, cuddle, and fall asleep”. Limit the amount of detail you give, and his/her imagination will fill in the rest!

Sext after sexing — If you haven’t had your first romantic interlude yet, sending sexts is going to be a bit awkward.

Use SnapChat — The only way you can be certain that your messages aren’t going to be read by anyone else is to use an app like SnapChat, where all of your pictures and texts disappear after the app is closed or after a few seconds. You don’t want his/her mom/dad/friend/sibling/boss going through their phone and finding your racy sexts.

Keep it real —  If you don’t talk dirty in real life, it may sound odd sending him/her racy sexts. Try to keep the language/terms/pet names you use as close to the real you as possible.

Here are a few good sexting examples to use for your own sexts:

  • “I’m excited to come home and have a repeat of what we did the other night”
  • “I’ve been fantasizing about you all day, and it’s having a GREAT effect on certain body parts”
  • “I’m having a hard time focusing on work/school because I can’t stop thinking about what we’re going to do when I get home”

Simple, sweet, and sexy always does the trick!


Image Source:  mamalode.com

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