Vital Ingredients for a Happy Relationship Part 2

Vital Ingredients for a Happy Relationship Part 2

If you want to have a happy relationship, here are a few key ingredients you must have:

  • Commitment —  How committed are you to this relationship? Are you going to stick it out come Hell or high water, or are you going to bail when things get tough? The reason that so many marriages end in divorce is because the couple isn’t truly committed to each other. They break it off when they should be fighting for the relationship.
  • Compromise –– Can you really expect to agree on everything? If you can’t even agree on what movie to watch, how can you expect to have the same life goals? A healthy relationship is built on compromise. Each person has to give a little ground in order to make the other person happy. The more you are willing to compromise, the easier it will be to reach common ground and make decisions.
  • Consideration –– This means consideration for the way the other person is thinking and feeling at all times. You don’t just think about yourself and make decisions that benefit only you, but you worry about how your actions will affect the other person. The things you say and do can have HUGE repercussions, because they are capable of doing serious harm to your partner. Consideration will help you to avoid doing or saying things that can damage the relationship.
  • Consistency –– It’s all about being consistent in your communication, the time spent together, and your actions as a couple. Consistency will help you to build habits, and those habits will keep your relationship strong through all the changes that life will throw at you. Inconsistency can lead to insecurity, so you need that solid foundation of consistency to keep the other person secure no matter what.
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