Understanding the Different Types of Love Part 5

Understanding the Different Types of Love Part 5

Love is curious, complex, and hard to define! With so many different types of love, it may be hard to know what you and your partner have.

We’ve looked at 5 of the 7 types of love, so here are the last two:

Friendship/Liking — It’s often easy to understand why two people can become such great friends. They can share everything without fear of judgment, they often share the same likes and dislikes, and they do well when in each other’s company.

Friendship is a form of love that is very high on intimacy, but there is no passion and no commitment. You may not have strong feelings of attraction to that friend, and you’re certainly not committed to the friendship come hell or high water. You just like hanging out with that person, and they’re a good person to have in your life. You love them “like a friend”, and they play an important role in your life.

Romantic Love — With this type of love, it’s all about the passion and intimacy. You’re strongly attracted to the other person, and you want to spend every moment of your time together. The more time you have to be together and engage in “passionate” activities, the happier you are.

This is one of the “younger” forms of love. What started out as infatuation and desire deepened into something more. You feel close to that person, like you can share anything with them. Your passion is turning into a friendship, and that’s a sign your relationship is maturing. You are still not committed to each other, which would be the next step to a proper, consummate love. As long as you make that step to add commitment to the love, you’re on the right track!

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