Understanding the Different Types of Love Part 4

Understanding the Different Types of Love Part 4

Love is a complex, many-faceted thing! The truth is that there are many different types of love–and here are a couple of types to know about:

Fatuous Love — The word “fatuous” is defined as “silly and pointless”. It may be harsh to hear a type of love described as pointless, but it’s true!

You and your partner may have strong feelings of attracted toward each other, and there may be a desire to remain together no matter what adversity faces you. But if there is no intimacy, no closeness, no real connection beyond your sexual attraction or desire, the love is silly and pointless. True love goes beyond your sexual attraction and your commitment, but it should bring about true closeness. If there is no real connection, you’re wasting your time with love!

Companionate Love — When you start out any relationship, you have strong feelings of sexual attraction and desire for your partner. But over time, the passion dims and the desire fades. You end up with high levels of intimacy and closeness, as well as a strong commitment toward each other. Sadly, the passion side of things has waned.

This love is not ideal, especially for a long-term relationship. There is plenty to be said for finding a “companion” in life, someone to walk beside you, share in your woes, and help you bear your burdens. But if there is no sexual attraction or passion in your life, it’s not the awesome relationship or rich, full love it could be. When your love is strongly balanced toward the intimacy and commitment, it’s time to try to find ways to bring that spark of passion back to life!

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