Understanding the Different Types of Love Part 2

Understanding the Different Types of Love Part 2

Do you understand the different types of love? Read on to find out more…

According to the “love triangle” model that we described in Part 1, love is something that changes and grows over time. Often it starts out strong and heavy on the intimacy and passionate side of things, but over time, the passionate love tends to mellow out. There are still strong bonds of intimacy, but the passion may wane. As long as there is enough commitment, you can still say that your love is strong.

There are, according to this model, seven different types of love. The first type is:

Consummate Love — Simply put, this type of love sits right in the middle of the love triangle, with the perfect balance between all three points!

There is plenty of passion in your relationship, and you still feel that sexual desire and romantic attraction toward your partner. There is also a desire for intimacy, a closeness to your partner that helps you to build trust and security. Finally, there is an equal measure of commitment, and the two of you are committed to sticking through the relationship through hell and high water.

This is the “ideal” type of love for any marriage or long-term relationship. As your relationship matures, your love trend more toward the “commitment” side of things, but you make it a point to keep your intimacy and passion alive. You keep your romance hot, spend time together, and look for ways to be in each other’s company. In addition to your desire to remain together and committed to the other person, you keep that love alive!


In Part 3, we’ll look at two more of the different types of love…

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