How to Turn Him On in Bed

How to Turn Him On in Bed

Want to give your man better sex? Here are some ways you can rock his world:

  1. Make it fun — That doesn’t mean going wild and kinky every night, but it does mean not being content with the same old same old. Play games in bed, have fun with your sex, and for God’s sake, don’t fall into a routine!
  2. Know how to turn yourself on — Men want a woman that is comfortable with her body and who knows how to find arousal on their own. It’s not the man’s job to turn you on, but he’ll be more than happy to satisfy your desire once you are aroused.
  3. Tell him what you want — Though most men won’t admit it, they love it when a woman tells them what to do. It takes the guesswork out of sex, and they can be sure they’ve done a good job!
  4. Don’t be afraid to deal a bit of pain — That doesn’t mean slapping him during sex, but it does mean digging your fingernails into his back, biting his shoulder, or squeezing his butt during sex. It actually makes things more exciting!
  5. Let him watch — If you know how to pleasure yourself, do it and let him watch. It’s very arousing for a man to watch his partner touch herself!
  6. Try new things — Look up new sex positions, acts, and locations to try, and spring them on him when he’s not expecting them. The more you mix things up, the more interested he will be in what you’re going to do next!
  7. Let him take control — Sometimes a man just wants to feel in control, so let him do his thing without complaint or instruction on occasion.

If you want to rock his world in bed, these tips will help you be that sex goddess he wants!

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