Tips for Building a Loving Relationship

Tips for Building a Loving Relationship

Building a loving relationship is very important, but it’s easier said than done!

Here are some tips to help you create an environment where your partner can feel safe, loved, and accepted:

  1. Pull facts from the feelings. If there is a problem, try to examine the facts, not how that problem makes you feel.
  2. Be willing to share, as well as to listen.  Your partner needs to feel that their environment is a safe one, and the only way to do that is by improving your communication skills–both talking and listening.
  3. Learn to know yourself. If you don’t understand the way you feel or think, how could you possibly do so for someone else? Spend time learning about yourself, and it will make you a more well-rounded partner.
  4. It’s both “we” and two “I’s”. Your home should be a place for the two of you to feel comfortable, but each of you needs to have their own separate pursuits. No one can be truly happy if their happiness is dependent upon someone else.
  5. Practice compassion. You could get all judge-y if your partner makes a mistake, or you could practice compassion and understanding. Trust me, you’re going to make plenty of mistakes yourself!
  6. Healing isn’t done overnight.  You both have issues that you need to work on, and neither of you can change overnight. It takes time for you to resolve personal problems, and it’s essential that your partner feels support and affection as they go through their issues.
  7. Make time. Without sufficient time spent working on your relationship, it’s going to wither and die. Make sure you set aside enough time every week/month!
  8. Don’t make assumptions. Making assumptions or predicting the other person’s behavior is a very counterproductive way to approach your relationship. Don’t!


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