Three Important Tips for a Happy Marriage

Three Important Tips for a Happy Marriage

A happy marriage is a dream for many people, but how do you make it work? These three things might help answer that question.

What is the most important thing needed for a marriage to work? Most people will probably say love. But can a marriage survive solely on love? No! Marriage is much more than moving in together, posting cute pictures on social media, and being all lovey-dovey. It is a lifelong commitment to share the good and bad in your life with someone else, to work as a team for the good of your family and fight against everything that would harm it. And to do that, love is not enough. You need many more things, and here are a three of them.


If I had to rank one thing on this list as the most important one, it would probably be respect. If there is no respect, there can be no truly happy and successful marriage. If your partner does not respect you, things like cheating, hitting you, undermining your authority as a parent, and many others, will be normal for them.

But it is not just respect for your partner that you need to have, and they for you. Self-respect also plays a huge role. If your behavior does not show to your partner that they must respect you as a person, no matter how nice they are, after a while they will start taking you for granted and not considering you an equal in the relationship.


Miscommunication is often used as a plot device in comedies, but in real life, and especially when it comes to relationships, it will much more often end up hurting people than making them laugh. Talking to your partner about both important and unimportant topics is a must in a marriage. Honest communication will bring you closer, solve and prevent problems, make you feel good, and build trust. Knowing you are on the same page as your partner, and knowing you can talk to them about anything you want is a beautiful and freeing feeling.

Choosing your partner over and over again

Let’s be real, no human relationship, and especially no marriage, will ever be perfect. There will be some great moments that will make you feel like you are in a final scene of a beautiful romance movie, but there will also be moments filled with difficulties and arguments.

To keep your marriage successful through them, you need to always keep in mind that your partner is someone you married because you loved them and wanted to spend the rest of your life with them, and they felt the same thing for you. If you do not feel the spark like you did the first day, find a way to revive it. Together, do something that you both like, or something that will remind you of the happier days. Always choose your partner as a lover, friend, confidante, everything you would want them to be. Work as a team, caring for and supporting each other, and the love will certainly come back.

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