Things He Wishes You Knew About Sex

Things He Wishes You Knew About Sex

You may think you’re an expert in bed, but does he agree?

Here are a few things your man may wish you knew about sex:

  • Nothing is sexier than a woman who knows what she wants, and knows how to give herself pleasure.
  • Men respond very well to praise; less so to criticism. If you want him to be better in bed, tell him what you like.
  • Sex is something he enjoys because it’s sex, not necessarily because it’s sex with YOU. It’s often just a thing he does because he wants/needs it, so it’s not always possible for there to be a “deep emotional connection”.
  • Men have a harder time with intimacy, and nothing is more intimate than having sex. If he seems distant after sex, it’s not because of something you did–it’s just the way he is.
  • The penis should NOT be the first thing you touch. Men like it when women touch their chest, squeeze their buttocks, or play with their thighs. Heading straight for the penis is like him skipping all the foreplay.
  • Men love it when women talk in bed. Even if it’s not “dirty” talk, just hearing her say what she likes or talk about how good it feels is HIGHLY arousing.
  • We all love to have our fantasies, but we’re worried that women will shame us. If you want to indulge in fantasy role play, be willing to let him say what he wants without criticism.
  • Pornography is a VERY normal part of a man’s life. He’s not looking at it because he isn’t satisfied sexually, but because it’s his only way of finding variety in a monogamous relationship. Unless it interferes with your relationship, don’t let it bother you.

Now you know a few things that can help you be better at sex with your man!

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