Things to Talk About on a First Date Part 2

Things to Talk About on a First Date Part 2

Not sure what to say to that date? Here are a few things to talk about on a first date:

  • Love at first sight — This may feel stepping into awkward territory, but it doesn’t have to be. You can simply make it more like a “get to know you” question, and ask them if they believe it exists, or if they think it’s just made up. You can use the disclaimer of “this is purely hypothetical” so they don’t think you’ve fallen in love with them at first sight. It’s a question that will get them thinking, and can reveal a lot about them as a person.
  • Ideal fourth date –– If you ask about a second date, they may feel like you’re pressuring them to go out again. If you ask about a third date, they may think you’re asking what you need to do to get laid. But there’s no pressure on the fourth date! Ask them “What is your ideal fourth date?” Have them tell you the things they like to do once they’ve gotten to know someone and are more comfortable around them.
  • Awkward romantic encounters — If you play your cards right, this question can have you both laughing at the unpredictable nature of human romance! Ask them, “Has anyone ever had a crush on you, but you didn’t like that person? How did it play out?” It’s a personal question that will help you to get past the small talk, but it will be more of a funny answer than an intensely personal one. Come up with a story of your own to share, and see if you can’t get the other person smiling at all the crazy things people do when they are in love!

In Part 3, we’ve got a few more things to talk about on a first date…

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