Things That Mean More to Him Than I Love You Part 3

Things That Mean More to Him Than I Love You Part 3

You may need him to say “I love you” to you, but he needs something else from you! Doing the little things below will be your way of showing him how much you care:

  • Praise him for the small things he does — He may not be a handy man, but you can afford to give him praise for small things–taking out the trash, making small repairs around the house, caring for the cars, etc. Many women simply take these things for granted, and men get annoyed when the things they do aren’t recognized. You want him to thank you for the things you do, so why not do the same to him?
  • Have sex –– Having sex is just one way to show him that you love him. Many men have a hard time distinguishing love from sex, and the truth is that sex is a unique form of affection that ONLY he gets from you. Guys want to know that their girlfriend or wife desires them, and having sex is a great way to remind him how much you care.
  • Touch him –– Physical contact cannot be overrated. Whether it’s a touch on the arm, a hug in the morning, or a kiss goodbye, physical contact helps to remind him of your love for him more than any words can. If you only ever tell him you love him and rarely touch him, your actions will speak far louder than your words.
  • Be there for him –– Guys will often get angry over things you find highly silly, but that’s just the way they are. They don’t need you to tell them why they are wrong for feeling the way they feel–at least not in the heat of the moment–so just let him vent. Be there for him, listen, and show you’re on his side, and he’ll get over it quickly!
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