Things That Mean More to Him Than I Love You Part 2

Things That Mean More to Him Than I Love You Part 2

Want to show him you love him? Don’t just say “I love you”, but do things that really bring it home!

  • Take care of yourself — There are few things sexier than a woman with confidence, and a lot of confidence stems from the way you feel about your body. If you take care of yourself–by doing exercise, avoiding stress, quitting smoking, etc.–it shows him that you value yourself as well as him. Even spending a bit of money on spa treatments, pedicures, and waxing will be a way to take care of yourself, which he will love!
  • Giving him time off –– All guys need time off, and often they will “take” it if they feel like they have too much going on. However, you can earn extra points by “giving” him the time off. Instead of waiting for him to say, “I need this time”, say “Why don’t you take this time off?” It will show that you actively support him in his efforts to relax and unwind, or indulge in his hobbies and passions.
  • Compliment him –– Not all men are shallow creatures, but all men do thrive on compliments. Some men like it when you compliment them on their bodies, others on their intelligence, and still others on their accomplishments. Find out what he likes to be complimented on, and find ways to give him genuine praise!
  • Ask for his help –– Men have an instinctive need to be “the protector” or “the hero”, and nothing feels better to him than coming to your rescue! Find ways to ask him for help, and give him a chance to feel good about himself. Even if it’s just asking for advice, he’ll love it.

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