Things That Mean More to Him Than I Love You Part 1

Things That Mean More to Him Than I Love You Part 1

Women often tell their men how much they love them, but men prefer being SHOWN how much their partners care!

Here are some things that will mean a lot more to him than just saying “I love you”:

Listening to him — Women often get angry when men don’t listen to them, but men need women to pay attention to them as well. When he comes home at the end of a long day and you ask “How was your day?”, don’t let your eyes immediately glaze over as he talks about work. Try to listen and understand as much as possible. In fact, make an effort to understand his job and what he does–it will go a long way toward making him feel loved.

Dress up — The feminist within you may revolt at the thought of “parading yourself in fancy clothes for a man”, but the truth is that it works! Men love it when women dress up for them, as it makes them feel special and like you care enough to look as good for him as you do for all the other people you encounter on a daily basis. Find out what kind of outfits he likes–both in and out of the bedroom–and wear them on those extra special occasions.

Go above and beyond with the cooking — If you find yourself cooking for him, why not do something a little extra special with the meal? You can cook his favorite meal, add an ingredient you know he likes, serve a bit of wine with the dinner, or just do something you know he’ll love. The way to a man’s heart is definitely through his stomach!

Read Part 2 for more ways to show him you care…

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