The Scientific Explanation of Love Part 3

The Scientific Explanation of Love Part 3

Love is a mysterious thing, one that science has been trying for years to explain. Here is what you need to know:

Did you know that people “in love” can spend up to 85% more of their time thinking about their crush or partner than normal? This is call intrusive thinking, as thoughts of that person intrude on your other thoughts. This is a form of obsessive behavior caused by lower levels of serotonin. Serotonin is a feel-good chemical, and too-low levels of the chemical can lead to obsessive behavior.

Have you ever felt like you wanted to be exclusive with that special someone? There is no one else you want in your life but them, right? This is an interesting combination of desire and possessiveness, or fear that someone else will take what you have. It’s an evolutionary instinct that has been bred into every species since the beginning of time. After all, if someone else takes what you have, you will be left with nothing. Having nothing leads to starvation, thirst, want, and eventually death. Your desire to be exclusive is out of the instinctive desire to protect what is yours.

Sex plays an important part in any relationship, but it can’t be all about sex. In fact, 64% of people surveyed said that sex was not the most important thing. It’s the emotional closeness that matters. Sex is a big part of that emotional closeness, but it’s not the only element.

What’s more fascinating: passion is both uncontrollable and involuntary. You may start out with feelings of attraction for the other person, but eventually that could turn into passion. Passion has all of the signs of addiction and obsession, but it’s considered a healthy thing.


Fascinating stuff, right? Now you know what it really means to be in love…

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