The ONE Thing More Important than Sex

The ONE Thing More Important than Sex

Guys like to say that sex is the most important part of a relationship, but that’s not true! There is one thing more important than sex…

That’s right, we’re talking about AFFECTION!

Picture this: you’re sitting on the couch together, watching your favorite TV show or movie. She’s sitting over on her side of the couch, and he’s sitting on his. Her hand crosses the distance between them to rest lightly on his leg. She squeezes to let him know she’s there and she cares.

It’s such a simple thing, but that tiny gesture is enough to make a man’s heart leap. Men need affection just as much as women. The simple touch, the feeling of skin on skin, it’s enough to signify approval and acceptance.

Sure, sex is a very important part of a relationship. Make no mistake, no man (or woman) is going to be happy without some sort of sexual physical contact. There is no replacing arousal and sexual activity in a relationship. But it’s just not the most important thing!

The most important thing is that touch, the one that reminds your partner how much you love them, and how you feel about them. Even just the slightest touch of your pinky fingers is enough. It’s just a way of letting them know you care enough to bridge the distance between you, if only for a gentle squeeze or a light caress.

You don’t need to make it sexual–in fact, it’s better when there is no sensuality to the touch. That little touch is just about being there with your partner, and keeping that connection. No matter what he says to the contrary, that little touch is the one thing more important than sex in your relationship!

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