The Best Women to Date Part 3

The Best Women to Date Part 3

Not sure which are the best women to date? If you’re up to a challenge, here are the women you should definitely consider:

  1. Sexy women — This doesn’t just mean women who look good in and out of clothes, but it means women who are innately sexy. There’s something about them that screams sex appeal, and when you finally get them into the bedroom, be prepared for some serious gymnastics, fireworks, and sparks. Women who know what they want and are sexually confident are some of the most amazing creatures on this planet.
  2. Funny women — Women love it when a man can make them laugh, but it’s awesome to be dating a woman who has a sense of humor to match yours. Men love to laugh just as much, and someone who can keep up with your jokes is someone you never want to let go.
  3. Smart women –– A smart woman isn’t just good at her job, but she’s capable in many areas of her life. Her intellect and abilities will challenge you, forcing you to work harder on yourself just so you can keep up with her. Definitely a good thing when it comes to keeping a relationship alive!
  4. Delicate women –– A woman who is fragile–both in body and soul–is one that will bring out your inner champion and protector. These women will often retreat if they feel that they are in danger of being hurt, but if you can get past that, you’ll find that they will lean on you for support. For men who need to feel needed and appreciated, this is the best type of woman for you!

Go out and find these women. Once you find them, do your damnedest to never let them go!

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