The Best Women to Date Part 2

The Best Women to Date Part 2

Looking for the best women to date? Here are the types of women you want to look for in your life:

  1. Women with history — They may have lost a loved one, have gone through traumatic times, or experienced hardships like you wouldn’t believe. Whatever has happened to them, they are deeper because of it. It may be a bit hard to crack their shell at first, but once you do, you will find that their hardships have made them into a beautiful person that is very easy to love!
  2. Women who know their own feelings and desires — Don’t you hate it when your girl doesn’t know what she wants–both in the bedroom and in life? A woman who knows what she wants in the bedroom is amazingly sexy, and a woman who knows how she feels about life is even sexier. Definitely the one for you!
  3. Genuine women — She doesn’t hide behind a false front or an “ideal” personality, and she’s not afraid to show you who she really is. Genuine women are a delight, and though it can take time to get used to their open personality, it will help you to be a more honest, forthright person as well.
  4. Scary women –– A woman that scares you a little bit is good for you, because it will keep you on your toes and keep you interested. The thing that kills love faster than anything else is boredom; the minute you grow bored with a woman, you tend to look for the “next thing”. With a woman that scares you, you’re always challenged to find ways to keep her happy–and that challenge is good for you!

Part 3 has a few more types of women you should be dating…

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