The Best Women to Date Part 1

The Best Women to Date Part 1

If you want to date a real woman–one with whom you can have a real future–here are the best women to date:

  1. Artistic women — Women with art in their soul are some of the deepest, most amazing people on the planet. They will come up with creative things that will blow your mind, and when they want to show  you that they love you, they will do it in a way that will astound you. Plus, they’re often some of the most artistic in the bedroom as well!
  2. Confident women — A women with confidence knows exactly what she is worth, and she won’t let anyone take that away from her. She is going to be headstrong and willful–ergo, challenging for your masculinity–but you will find that a confident woman is one who will push you a lot harder than you push yourself.
  3. Open-minded women — A woman who is open-minded isn’t going to change her mind on a subject because you tell her so, but if you can convince her that your way of thinking is right, she is willing to join you on your bandwagon. An open-minded woman is one willing to try new things and see life from a different perspective.
  4. Athletic women — Not only do athletic women usually have a smokin’ bod, but they are usually active in mind as well as in body. They are the ones who think of crazy things like going hiking up a mountain on your day off or cycling 50 miles to a hidden waterfall in the middle of nowhere. Definitely a never-ending cycle of adventure, but one you will never regret.

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