The Best Things About New Love Part 3

The Best Things About New Love Part 3

If you’ve got new love, the world is a magical place!

Here are some of the best things about being in love with someone new:

  • How you just don’t care if you don’t know everything about them. They’re not the friends you need to know every little detail about. This is the person who makes you so happy you don’t care if you don’t know his eye color, his city of birth, or his last name!
  • The way you’re totally cool with telling the person anything and everything. It doesn’t matter how personal the information may be–if they want to know, you’re going to tell them! Walls come down in the new love phase, and this is the time in your relationship when you are at your most vulnerable. But you know what? You just don’t care!
  • How every moment you have is spent together. There are no doubt A LOT of things in your life that are being left undone, but who cares? You’re still getting to work on time and calling your friends/family on occasion. It’s totally okay that you’re investing every spare moment into this wonderful person.
  • The way you can stay up all night talking. Chances are, you won’t remember half of what you talked about the next day, but that doesn’t matter at all. The fact that you stayed up and spent time together is totally what counts.
  • How you look so much better the rest of the time. You’ve begun to take care of yourself (eyebrows, moustache, beard, body hair, makeup, etc.), so you look better at all times. The people at your work notice it, your friends notice it, even your family sees the effort you put into your appearance. It’s a great thing!
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