The Best Things About New Love Part 2

The Best Things About New Love Part 2

New love is truly a magical thing! It’s a time when everything just seems right with the world, and nothing can bring you down for long.

Here are a few things that make new love so exhilarating:

  • The feeling you get when you see that they are the one calling, emailing, or texting you. Even a simple “Hey, how are you?” feels like a love note for the ages! You are so excited to see their message or text or answer the phone because it means you will be talking to the one person who can make your day a whole lot better.
  • The exaggeration of just about everything in life. Your mouth hurts from smiling so much, but you just can’t stop. Your hand is exhausted from holding theirs, but you can’t let go. Food tastes better, colors are brighter, and every moment you spend with them is an exaggeration of happiness.
  • Feeling like an idiot for being so giddy and happy, then realizing that it’s a wonderful thing. Your heart skips a beat when they walk into the room and you try to tell yourself that it’s a bad thing. Then, you look at that person when they smile at you, and you know why you’re feeling like an idiot in the first place. Totally worth it!
  • The way everything they do is just so darned wonderful. He leaves the toilet seat up after using the bathroom? Adorable! She forgets to wash her dishes? Magical! Everything about the other person is wonderful in this stage, and they can do nothing to stop this new love from being the best thing that has ever happened. (News flash: This stage ends quickly!)

Part 3 has more things that makes new love so gosh-darned wonderful…


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