The Best Dating Sites for You Part 5

The Best Dating Sites for You Part 5

Struggling to find love? Don’t give up, but try one of the dating sites and apps below:

  • Revealr — Instead of looking at pictures or reading words, this app allows you to record a simple voice message that potential dates will listen to. Each audio recording is only about 20 seconds long, but it gives you a chance to actually TALK to the people you may end up dating. People decide whether you sound interesting or not, and only then do they get to see your photo and receive an invitation to chat. It’s definitely a new approach to dating!
  • One Good Love –– This site is for anyone in the LBGTQ community, not just gay men (like Grindr). This app was developed by a programmer that used to work at, so you know that the focus of this app is more on dating than just hooking up. For lesbians, gays, bi-sexuals, transgenders, and queers, this is one of the best sites to find potential matches. It focuses on quality over quantity, helping you find the right match, not just A LOT of them.
  • Siren –– With this app, it’s all about women making the first move. Users are given a question to answer each day, with the questions focusing more on revealing personality rather than just giving details about themselves. Men answer the questions as honestly as possible, hoping that a woman will select them and invite them out. It takes all of the power and places it squarely in the woman’s hands, giving her a say over who she invites out. For women tired of being pestered by dozens of men, this is a site worth checking out.

All great places to find a date, and who knows what else…

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