The Best Countries to Fall in Love Part 2

The Best Countries to Fall in Love Part 2

Romance may not be easy in your home town, state, or country, but why not travel abroad? Here are some of the best countries to fall in love:

  • Romania —The Romanian women are utterly gorgeous (considered some of the most beautiful in the world), and the country is a veritable haven for expats living abroad. Around 62% of foreigners living in Romania end up falling in love and starting relationships with locals.
  • Brazil –– What would you expect from a country where the hot weather encourages skimpy outfits, and where the men and women are exotically beautiful? It’s estimated that nearly 60% of expats living in Brazil will end up in a relationship with a local.
  • Argentina –– The fiery, passionate men and women of Argentina will likely be a novelty to many from colder, more reserved Western cultures. There’s something utterly attractive about a person who has no fear of speaking their mind or telling you what they think, often at the top of their lungs. This is why 60% of foreigners living in Argentina end up falling in love with a local–and often staying in Argentina long term.
  • Thailand –– The culture of Thailand is very open, with fewer restrictions and regulations (especially when it comes to sex) than in much of the world. For those who are looking to start life all over again in a tropical climate, Thailand is a haven–with 57% of foreigners living there falling in love.
  • Colombia –– More passionate Latins with fire in their blood; what could be better? Colombia is a beautiful country with a rich culture and heritage, and welcoming people. Though the economy is not the most stable, things have improved in recent years. Roughly 58% of foreigners living in Colombia are staying because of a romantic relationship.
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