The Best Countries to Fall in Love Part 1

The Best Countries to Fall in Love Part 1

Looking for love but can’t seem to find it in your own country? Here are some of the best countries to fall in love:

  • Peru — Did you know that roughly 72% of foreigners living in Peru fall in love or start relationships with locals? The Peruvians are very open-minded, welcoming people, a refreshing change from many of the people you would meet in Western countries.
  • The Philippines — One of the great things about moving to the Philippines is that many local women will often initiate relationships with men, even if the men aren’t considered “attractive” by Western standards. Roughly 66% of foreigners living in the Philippines end up in romantic relationships with locals, and it’s all thanks to the fact that having a foreign boyfriend or girlfriend is both a status symbol and a sort of financial stability for locals.
  • Greece — It’s amazing to realize that over 70% of foreigners that move to Greece end up falling in love or starting relationships with locals. It used to be fairly popular for British women to move to Greece and take up with a local man, but young British (and American) men still come to Greece and fall in love!
  • Finland — Not surprising, Scandinavia makes it onto the list of one of the best countries to fall in love! The Finnish men and women are stunning, but it’s the Finns’ welcoming attitude to all outsiders that makes the country truly appealing. Besides, there’s something about the freezing Finnish winters that makes finding a companion such a desirable prospect. Nothing like canoodling under the blankets to stay warm when the snow is deep and thick outside!

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