The Beauty of a Relationship in Your 20s Part 1

The Beauty of a Relationship in Your 20s Part 1

Your 20s are a time of wonder, growth, and fascinating experiences! There is nothing that can match the beauty of a relationship in your 20s…

What makes this relationship so special?

You’re older, but not too old — You’re old enough that you’ve left behind a lot of the immaturities of your teen years, but you’re not so old that you’re set in your ways. This is the perfect time to shape and mold your life, your personality, and your goals to match with someone else’s. You’re flexible enough to accommodate, but you have an idea of what you want.

Things are better — You have fewer worries about life, school, careers, and money in your 20s (the later 20s), so you can enjoy your life more. Everything you do is more enjoyable, simple because you are less worried about “what comes next”.

You have someone to help you figure out your life — Your 20s are very important formative years, both as a person and a professional. You’re just now finding out who you are at home and at the workplace, what your skills are, where your passions lie, and so on. When you’re in a relationship, you have someone else along for the ride, someone to help you figure everything out. After all, they’re going through the same thing at the same time!

You don’t have to deal with the dating scene — The dating scene is harder and shallower than ever! Thanks to dating websites and apps, the dating pool is filled with immature guys and girls who would be a huge waste of your time. Thanks to your relationship, you can be happy WITHOUT having to deal with terrible dates!

Read Part 2 for more wonderful things about being in a relationship in your 20s…

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