How to Stay in Love Even After Marriage Part 1

How to Stay in Love Even After Marriage Part 1

Many people find it hard to keep the love alive after marriage, and the truth is that it can be a struggle!

You’re both so busy with work, kids, and all of your hobbies that it can be hard to find time for each other. However, it’s essential that you stay in love even after you’ve been married for years, so here are a few things you can do:

  • Make date night sacred —You cannot allow anything to interfere with the one night per week or month that you take time with each other. It’s an important part of your relationship, as that’s the time that you two spend together without talk of work, the kids, or anything else. It’s all about coming together as a couple once more, so make sure that night you take off together is a sacred thing!
  • Parenting can’t be your only focus — As a parent, it’s hard to think of anyone aside from your child/children. All of your time and effort goes into making sure that they are happy, but that often leaves your spouse feeling ignored and unloved. Make sure to give your partner the attention they need, even if it means you don’t spend time with your child EVERY day.
  • Plan for fun –– When you first started going out all those long years ago, it was all about the fun you had together. You went to all sorts of fun places and did crazy things. Don’t let that spark of fun die, but nurture it together. Plan your date nights in fun places, do activities together, and plan outings that allow you to do those things you love! Keep the fun alive, and the romance will live as well.

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