Smoother is Sexy: 5 grooming tips for a sexier body

Smoother is Sexy: 5 grooming tips for a sexier body

It’s important to take care of your body if you want to look your best for that special someone in your life. That means focusing on exercise, dieting, and–most importantly–personal grooming.

Want to look sexy? Here are some grooming tips to help you have a sexier body:

  • Keep the pits trimmed — Underarm hair is no longer something that you want to let grow long, as it is both uncomfortable and unsightly when it’s long–not to mention much more likely to cause smelly body odor. Don’t go completely bald, but keep the pits trimmed!
  • Trim your chest hair –– If you are a very manly man, no doubt your chest hair will grow in thick and luxurious. While this is a good sign for your masculinity, it can be a bit uncomfortable for the woman who will be resting her head on your chest. Don’t let it grow out of control, but keep it trimmed to look good. Use the No. 2 or 3 extension on your hair buzzer, and run that thing through your chest hair to keep it from sprouting wild!
  • Shorten the fun parts — Trimming the hair around your ‘happy fun time’ man parts is important, and not just because short bushes make the tree look bigger! Short pubic hair makes any oral play in that vicinity much more enjoyable for your partner.
  • Limit back, shoulder, and arm hair — If you’re unfortunate enough to grow long hair on your arms, back, and shoulders, it may be a good idea to use an at-home hair removal kit. It’s not the type of hair most women find attractive.
  • Don’t forget your neck –– Your facial hair needs to be trimmed, as does the hair at the base of your neck. If you don’t keep it short, the hairs may sprout out the collar of your T-shirts.

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