Small Things that Will Mean the World to Her Part 2

Small Things that Will Mean the World to Her Part 2

A few small things can mean the world to her! You know what they say: “Happy wife, happy life!”

Here are a few little things you can do:

  • Take the pressure off — Don’t pressure her into getting ready quicker, making a dinner choice, or choosing a career path. Help her make the choice by offering advice when she needs it, but ease off on the pressure. Guilt trips aren’t going to improve your relationship!
  • Text her back –– It may sound silly, but waiting a long time to receive an answer to your text can be incredibly frustrating. Even if it’s just a simple “Good morning, I love you” text, it’s always nice to receive an answer right away. When she texts you, don’t leave her hanging–text her back!
  • Take a turn in the kitchen –– Yes, she may be a far better chef than you, but that doesn’t mean she wants to cook every meal. You’ll score major brownie points by learning to cook at least a few meals, and taking your turn in the kitchen. It will show her that you care enough to learn something that will help you treat her right.
  • Let her choose the movie — Unless she has chosen every movie for the last month, perhaps it’s time to let her pick. You may not want to watch the TV show or movie she’s choosing, but she doesn’t always want to watch what you choose. Let her make the choice, and keep your mouth shut. In fact, TRY to enjoy it–you might be surprised to find that you really do!

Read Part 3 for a few more small things you can do to make her feel truly special…

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