Small Things that Will Mean the World to Her Part 1

Small Things that Will Mean the World to Her Part 1

When it comes to making a woman happy, you’d be amazed by how big seemingly small things can be!

Here are a few things that will mean the world to her:

  • Pick up your s*** — You may be tempted to leave your stuff lying around the bedroom, living room, or kitchen, but why should she have to clean up your messes? She already has more than enough to deal with! Picking up after yourself is fairly easy, but it will make a huge difference to her. There’s nothing better than coming home at the end of a long day to find the house nice and clean!
  • Learn her friends’ names — Definitely a small gesture, but it will score MAJOR brownie points for you!
  • Avoid criticism –– You may think that your criticism is going to help her be or do better in the future, but really all it’s doing is tearing her down. Don’t criticize her, or her choices in food, clothing, drinks, movies, friends, or activities. You’re the one who should support her no matter what!
  • Make an effort to tell her how you feel –– It can be tough to open up and share your feelings with her. Men often struggle with this problem, as they’re usually raised to be more guarded and reserved with their emotions. But if you really want to make her feel loved, make it a point to talk to her about your emotions more. It can be difficult for you to get used to the habit, but she will feel like the most special person in the world because of it!

Read Part 2 for a few more small things you can do to make her feel special…

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